About Wes Coke Designs

   Sometime in the first half of the 1980's, my favorite artist, (my dad) taught me how to draw a horse. I honestly can't remember how well or poorly I fared but I do know that I was committed to getting better. Little me was pretty smart because old me feels the same way.


Fast forward to October 2017.


After an unsuccessful search for a Death Star 2 that I could display in my office, I strategically combined my stubbornness with my lack of patience and decided I'd try to make one. It had only been 15 years since I used my college education in bronze sculpture at the University of North Texas, what could go wrong? (The answer is "a lot.") Finally, in February 2018, I finished my 24 inch interpretation of the Death Star 2.


   Since finishing that 56 lb. wooden beast, I have completed and sold a number of items sculpted in clay, carved in wood, foam, cast in resin, rubber, and fiberglass. I have shipped my work to six of the seven continents. (The first Antarctic order 

gets a huge discount.)


I have produced plenty of pieces outside of the Star Wars universe, but that will always be the spark that rekindled this proverbial fire. If you see anything on this site that you would like or have any ideas that you would like to materialize, let's have a conversation. 

Thanks for checking out the site!



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